When to do Business Meetings in Strip Club

//When to do Business Meetings in Strip Club

When to do Business Meetings in Strip Club

Business meetings at strip club – ┬áMen love business and men also love women. So if there exists a way to successfully accomplish getting down to business and having women around at the same time (beautiful women of course), why not?!?

You can meet at a strip club if you are familiar with the people you are meeting. If you’ve met or done business with them before and there is a mutual trust, a little bit of entertainment during the meeting could be a welcome change. As long as it doesn’t distract you too much from your primary goal.

You can meet at a strip club if you’ve been in long talks and have to entertain some men during the evening. You can go out under the guise of taking a break and maybe extract some important information from your business buddies.
A strip club is an informal place to meet, so the people you are doing business with are likely to put their guard down, at least a little.
really get them talking.
Now that you are in the place, there are a few things you can do to loosen your business buddies up a little more. Perhaps even make them a little more agreeable to whatever you are proposing.
One of those things is to keep the booze flowing freely. Keep ordering drinks on your tab. Make sure they drink plenty, this will definitely loosen them up. Also, be careful not to drink too much yourself and go overboard on those Havana Cocktails. If, however, you also get drunk, you’ve just lost the use of this tactic.

Another move you can make is get the sexiest women in the place to give your pals a few (i.e. as many as it takes) dances to get them thinking not-so-straight.

The bottom line here, boys, is to make sure that the atmosphere contributes to loosening up your business buddies enough so that you make some progress with your business. If you loosen them up first, it will become much easier than if you were meeting in a boardroom drinking bottled water.



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