Spitzer’s Callgirl Ashley Dupre Pregnant – But It’s Not Elliots

///Spitzer’s Callgirl Ashley Dupre Pregnant – But It’s Not Elliots

Spitzer’s Callgirl Ashley Dupre Pregnant – But It’s Not Elliots

Former Spitzer callgirl Ashley Dupre is engaged and pregnant

Ashley Dupre,  former Eliot Spitzer call girl has one of her very own is seven months pregnant and engaged to be married to New Jersey asphalt scion Thomas “TJ” Earle.
“On the record, yes, I can confirm I’m almost seven months,” Dupre, 27, enthused when we contacted her yesterday. “I can’t tell you when the wedding date is just yet.”
In four short years, Dupre’s gone from Client No. 9 to Husband No. 1, and now owns Femme by Ashley, a lingerie and swimwear shop in Red Bank, NJ, which she tells us Earle helped her open in May.
But when asked if her new baby will be a boy or girl, Dupre — said, “That’s a secret.” And of her pregnancy, “So far so good!”
Dupre and Earle were first linked mere months after Dupre’s scandal with Spitzer broke. The Emperors Club VIP escort and the then-married exec at asphalt and road construction outfit The Earle Companies flirted at a Jersey Shore restaurant in 2008, prompting Earle to reportedly brag to a pal at the time, “I could have had her for free!”
The pair embarked on a steamy affair, which TJ then said publicly was “a grave mistake.” But Earle and his wife, Alisa, have since divorced, and the break, we’re told, was “amicable,” paving the way for impending marital bliss with Ashley.

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