John Travolta Has Nothing on Al Gore Masseuse Sex Scandal

///John Travolta Has Nothing on Al Gore Masseuse Sex Scandal

John Travolta Has Nothing on Al Gore Masseuse Sex Scandal

Unless you count the fact that Gore at lest stuck with opposite sex whereas Travolta is accused of sexually attacking a man

Both men are said to have committed their criminal indiscretions in the confines of an expensive hotel room, away from prying eyes and loved ones knowledge.

Travolta’s alleged activity was said to be attempted at none other than the Beverly Hills Hotel, where Whitney Houston died this year.

His victim claims that a private bungalow was the backdrop for an unreciprocated genital grab and leg-rubbing, according to Reuters, and to which Travolta vehemently denies–and his spokesman says can be proven an impossibility, due to the famous actor’s travel schedule.

Let’s hope so, or Travolta may not get out of this one.

Al Gore’s alleged masseuse sexual attack, which police never pressed charges for, by the way, is said to have occurred in an upscale hotel in Portland, Oregon while he was in town, according to the Daily Beast.

His alleged victim, Molly Hagerty, claimed the politician had a sexual appetite as keen as Bill Clinton, his former boss, and when she threw out the “No” word he didn’t get the message.

It doesn’t appear that Gore has gotten the message on climate change either, but at least he isn’t being accused of roughing anyone up physically over that.

This isn’t the first time that either man has faced down allegations of sexual impropriety, and John Travolta has also faced insinuations in the past that he has homosexual tendencies as well.

And that’s what makes this lawsuit a little more damaging to the actor’s reputation, as the same theme keeps cropping up about him: He likes men sexually.

His wife Kelly Preston gave birth to their third child, Benjamin, in November of 2010. And there have been no press reports of marriage difficulty of late, so that works in his favor. Al Gore, on the other hand, saw his own marriage dissolve in the wake of the masseuse scandal with another woman. So who knows what is down the road for Travolta.

One things for sure: Just like in the Monica Lewinsky case, you can expect the truth to eventually come out.

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