Why Hedge Fund Managers Make The Best Sugar Daddy?

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Why Hedge Fund Managers Make The Best Sugar Daddy?

We all know Hedge Fund Managers  love to have fun and being surrounded by the hottest women. For instance Legendary hedge funder George Soros likes to have at least few mistresses at the same time.  He did however got in trouble promising the same apartment for both of them. Which is why one of his mistresses is suing him for $50 Million dollars. That amount is not significant considering that George Soros is worth a Whooping  $20 Billion.  Read more about George Soros Mistresses

Top Hedge Fund Managers Took Home 14.4 Billion in 2011

Soros (Net Worth $20 Billion) with mistress Ferryer

No one is calling Newt Gingrich a slut when he asks his Billionaire Sugar Daddy, Sheldon Adelson, to inject cash to keep his presidential campaign afloat. But, when a woman seeks out a Sugar Daddy to help pay for college, many in mainstream media have no problem likening her to being a prostitute. Such is the hypocrisy of the society we live in.

Hedge fund manager David Simon ‘Sugar Daddy’ Spending Tens of Thousands a Week on Being a Sugar Daddy For Several Gold Diggers

Simon was a sugar daddy to several young women through a sugardaddy website   and was spending tens of  thousands of dollars per week paying these women ‘allowances’ to be at his beck and call. Read Hedge Fund Sugar Daddy article. He was by far not the only one – he was the only one who’s wife hired a security company to hack into his computer and found weekly payments to several women ( he was sugar daddy for and  met on one of the dating sites online)  among top secret hedge fund documents.
There are Web sites that promises “millions of sugar daddies,” including “Christian sugar daddies, Jewish sugar daddies, Muslim sugar daddies . . . all looking for love.”  Petra says: “I prefer AFF, It’s a small fee but people are real and want to hook up. No BS If you join look me up here

Other financiers and sugar daddy sites

While some hedge funders prefer escorts lot of them do like online dating.  Why a hedge fund manager would be the best candidate for sugar daddy? Just cow much money do  hedge fund managers actually have and how much did hedge fund managers earn last year.

“It’s a very expensive job,” says Jack, a 70-year-old sugar daddy, who describes himself as a “humanitarian” interested in helping young women in financial need. Jack isn’t the name that appears on his American Express black card, but an identity he uses when shopping online for companionship and sex.

Jack says he meets up twice a week with a young woman online.  He typically takes them to lavish dinners at Daniel or shopping excursions on Madison Avenue.

“Unlike a traditional escort service, I was surprised to find such an educated, smart population,” says Jack, during cocktail hour recently at the Ritz-Carlton in Manhattan. He said he lives next door in a penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park South and pays $22,000 a month in rent. Find out which hedge fund manager left behind a $100Million ATM Reciept