Why Hedge Fund Managers and Bankers Are Paying For Prostitutes

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Why Hedge Fund Managers and Bankers Are Paying For Prostitutes

Many bankers and CEO-s are paying for escorts one of them is explaining why

Speaking to an analyst friend from spec-sits/event shop I learned many pros hang discreetly on AdultFriendFinder.com   So I checked it out. and will let you know my thoughts soon.   A married banker at a top Wall Street investment firm explained to BuzzFeed why he doesn’t “see anything wrong with paying a younger, beautiful girl to sleep with
The banker  has a wife and two kids and lives just a little outside of  Manhattan—said he stays overnight in the city when he works late, and would often go out to meet women at bars on those nights. When he kept striking out, he took to using an online “sugar daddy” website to meet women.
The anonymous banker was first disappointed by the girls that he met online, saying many lied about their age and looks; and he was more interested in “real” girls instead of professional escorts.
The banker initially paid about $1,000 per session with a girl he met and liked, the dates included dinner or sex and small talk. Now, he pays about $400 to $600 for girls, saying he prefers quantity over quality, reasoning “I like being with a lot of women. It makes me more focused at work, and excited to know who may be out there next…. I’m already married. I don’t need a steady mistress.”
The banker is very frank about how he started paying women for sex, and doesn’t have a guilty conscience about his actions. He starts off his tale by saying he doesn’t feel like he is doing anything wrong, and gives his reason at the end—
I’m not hurting anyone by doing this. I’m always safe and I’m always upfront if I meet someone and know it won’t happen. I just pay for the drink and let them know and leave, like “No deal, sorry.” It is just like any deal. You have to know how to close it and have to know when you’re not interested in putting in the effort to see it through.

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