Kristin Davis – Hedge Fund Madam Running For Mayor

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Kristin Davis – Hedge Fund Madam Running For Mayor

Sex sells the best on the buy side – Kristin Davis is running for New York mayor. Hedge funds, sex and politics- hedge fund madam running for mayor.

Kristin Davis Madam Birthday Party _ New YorkStarting her career in a hedge fund,  Kristin Davis saw the lucrative amounts hedge fund bosses’ spent on sex- paying for call-girls and strippers.   Work hard – play hard – hedge funds and sex go together.  Hedgeho couln’t agree more – sex sells especially on buy side.

After seeing the money hedge fund hot shots spent on sex with these girls Davis become a madam.  Still working close with hedge funds but in a slightly different way.kristin-davis-hedge

“My hedge fund experience most definitely helped prepare me for everything I’ve encountered in life,” she told AR magazine.

Kristin Davis, former hedge fund VP  and Manhattan madam wants to work hedge funds to ensure compliance with SEC rules.

Running or the mayor campaign, she’s running as a Libertarian and branding herself as the “Libertarian Lady.” This political philosophy is quite popular in hedge fund industry.  It includes hedge fund hot shots Dan Loeb, Cliff Asness, Peter Thiel and Paul Singer.

Kristin Davis is a supporter of same sex marrige and marijuana and for legalizing prostitution.  Peter  Thiel, a gay hedge fund manager, supports same sex marrige and marijuna. Paul Singer, hedge fund manager,with a gay son,  has been  New York’s top gay marrige supporters. Hedge funds love sex so i think we all agree on that last point.


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