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Stanley Drunkenmiller
Net Worth $3.1 Billion

Stanley Druckenmiller
Age 62
Source Of Wealth hedge funds, Self Made
Self-Made Score 8
Residence New York, NY
Citizenship United States
Marital Status Married
Children 3
Education Bachelor of Arts / Science, Bowdoin College
Stanley Druckenmiller

Famed investor Stan Druckenmiller was George Soros’ main man when together they “broke the Bank of England,” earning
a $1 billion profit by shorting the pound in 1992. Born in a middle class home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Druckenmiller
attended Bowdoin College and pursued a PhD at the University of Michigan. He eventually dropped out and went to work
for Pittsburgh National Bank. After becoming head of equity research, Druckenmiller left to launch the legendary Duquesne
Capital Management, a hedge fund he ran until 2010, when he reconverted it into a family office. While running Duquesne,
Druckenmiller had stints at Dreyfus and with George Soros. Druckenmiller has spoken out against the Federal Reserve’s
expansionary monetary policy and criticized President Obama; he’s an enthusiastic supporter of New Jersey Governor Chris
Christie. Druckenmiller is married to Fiona Biggs, the niece of famous financier Barton Biggs.