Billionaire Sues Seller of UES $27.5 M Penthouse

//Billionaire Sues Seller of UES $27.5 M Penthouse

Billionaire Sues Seller of UES $27.5 M Penthouse

Peruvian billionaire Carlos Rodriguez Pastor sues seller of UES $27.5 M penthouse over nonprivate terrace.

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The 54-year-old billionaire Carlos Rodriguez Pastor who thought he was buying a private terrace when he promised to pay $27.5 million for an upper East Side penthouse is backing out of the sale and suing to get his $2.75 million deposit back.
Carlos Rodriguez Pastor says he agreed to buy the sprawling penthouse apartment at 1107 Fifth Ave. last year because the owners said it would come with the exclusive use of a 4,780-square-foot wraparound terrace that “would provide a high level of privacy and security.”
But the co-op board for the building at E. 92nd St. later disclosed it planned to create a roof deck on top of the triplex, using a staircase through Pastor’s terrace to reach the roof.

The seller Pastor is suing is the estate of Monique Uzielli, a European aristocrat who bought the apartment in 1958 and lived there until she was 98 years old.
Uzielli had exclusive access to the terrace and the roof.


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The 54-year-old is worth $5.4 billion
Net worth:$5.4billion Primary asset: Public stake in Intergroup
“Rodriguez-Pastor’s story shows how the industrialization of Asia and the commodities boom in Latin America have set off a wave of wealth creation reaching from Beijing and New Delhi to Sao Paulo and Lima.”


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