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Michael Platt
Net Worth $3.5 Billion
Founder, BlueCrest Capital Management

Michael Platt
Age 47
Source Of Wealth hedge funds, Self Made
Residence Geneva, Switzerland
Citizenship United Kingdom
Education Bachelor of Arts / Science, London School of Economics; Bachelor of Arts / Science, London School of
Michael Platt
Michael Platt cofounded BlueCrest Capital Management in late 2000 after nearly a decade at JP Morgan and grew it to one
of the world’s largest hedge fund firms with more than $35 billion in assets by offering low-volatility funds marked by rapid
trading across a wide variety of markets. A push into equities and poor results at his quantitative BlueTrend fund led to some
investor exits. In 2014, BlueTrend, which was managed by Leda Braga, turned things around in a big way. Platt’s AllBlue
fund returned 6.25% net of fees and his BlueCrest Capital International was flat. In early 2015 Platt spun off BlueTrend into a
new firm called Systematica, which is run by Braga. BlueCrest now manages some $15 billion. The tax-averse trader and avid
skier now operates on the island of Jersey.