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Julian Robertson, Jr.
Net Worth $3.4 Billion
Age 83

Julian Robertson
Source Of Wealth hedge funds, Self Made
Self-Made Score 8
Residence New York, NY
Citizenship United States
Marital Status Widowed
Children 3
Education Bachelor of Arts / Science, University of North Carolina
Julian Robertson, Jr.

The hedge fund pioneer and founder of Tiger Management recently sounded warning alarms at a Bloomberg conference
over what he sees as asset bubbles spurred by aggressive government bond buying. Since shutting down his legendary
hedge fund in 2000, Robertson has been managing his own book and seeding other hedge funds.He directed a good
chunk of his personal wealth to overseas markets, investing in golf resorts and vineyards in New Zealand along the way. His
charity, the Tiger Foundation, has provided more than $150 million in grants in New York City aimed at fighting poverty
through education, employment, youth & families and criminal justice.