Investment Banker James Brigham’s Daughter’s Deadly Fall

//Investment Banker James Brigham’s Daughter’s Deadly Fall

Investment Banker James Brigham’s Daughter’s Deadly Fall

Carlisle Brigham falls fatally from LES stairs by tripping on her high heels after partying.

Carlisle Brigham — the 29-year-old daughter of wealthy investment banker and former New York City Budget Director James Brigham — was dressed all in white as she tumbled down the steep marble stairs of a pal’s apartment building at 191 Orchard St. in deadly accident.

Brigham suffered blunt-impact injuries to her head and neck. There was so much blood around Brigham’s neck when her body was found at 10:33 a.m. that investigators initially theorized she’d been slashed.
But they later said it appeared to be just a tragic accident, during which she shattered her chin on a step of the first-floor stairwell in the building, where she stayed overnight with a friend, and died. The police investigation is ongoing, authorities said.
She was wearing “all white,” said resident Lippy Khair, who saw Carlisle’s body. “White top, white pants. And she had really high heels.”
“Her body was actually quite cold,” he said. “The whole floor was just blood.”
Former Mayor Ed Koch, for whom James Brigham worked as budget director, said her shattered father called him yesterday afternoon.
“He was sobbing,’’ Koch said. “He told me that she had died and that it was apparently a fatal accident.
“Wonderful young woman,” the ex-mayor said of the daughter, whom he knew.
“I just was overwhelmed with grief and still am.”
Last year she married Anthony Champalimaud, a real-estate executive for an Asian hotel conglomerate who hails from a moneyed Connecticut family.
Brigham was just coming off an internship in the paleontology section of the American Museum of Natural History at the time.
But her storybook marriage quickly soured. She and her husband have been separated, sources said.
Her estranged husband was in the United Kingdom yesterday and couldn’t be reached for comment.
Carlisle, who lived on East 12th Street, had been partying after a college friend’s wedding. The male friend whom she had stayed with left his home at 9 a.m., only to later learn she’d died, and he was seen sobbing outside.

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