Trophy Girlfriend Killer Jailed

//Trophy Girlfriend Killer Jailed

Trophy Girlfriend Killer Jailed

Elliot Turner (left) strangled Emily (right) in his bedroom

Wealthy coke-snorting playboy who strangled his model girlfriend jailed for 16 years

Judge told yesterday: “Put away your thoughts of champagne, Bentleys and girls.”
Brutal Killer Elliot Turner was urged to concentrate instead on the life sentence handed to him by Mrs Justice Linda Dobbs.
She told the wealthy control freak playboy why he had been given a minimum 16-year stretch as he had shown a “chilling” lack of remorse for murdering frightened girlfriend Emily, 17.
The judge was responding to arrogant Turner’s boasts, made from his remand cell, that he would be cleared of the killing and be released into a life of “Bentleys, champagne and birds”.
The 20-year-old fiend claimed his dad would reward him for his acquittal with a £9,000 party and a Porsche. And he even fantasised about selling his life story to Hollywood.
Emily’s devastated mother Caroline fought back tears as Turner was sent down.
She revealed her daughter texted her hours before she was killed on Mother’s Day last year to say she was thinking of splitting with Turner “because of his controlling, threatening behaviour”.
Scowl … from Elliot Turner on night Emily Longley died
The distraught mum said: “I will always remember Emily as a radiating angel.

Mother with her ‘angel’ Emiiy Longley

“Her beautiful blonde hair was just like a halo around her. She ran around so full of life, so full of fun, always up to mischief, always making people laugh.”
Cold-blooded wealthy party-boy strangled Emily at his parents home in Bournemouth, Dorset.
He lost it when he found flirty messages on Emily’s Facebook page and saw photos of her with two bare-chested hunks taken on a modelling assignment.
Turner told friends he would kill her and added: “I will go to prison for it and still be a millionaire when I come out.”
The coke-snorting brute still displayed appalling conceit as he was sentenced.
When Judge Dobbs gave him life, he said: “Bull Shit.” And he mouthed the same word when told the killing was premeditated.
The judge said Turner cared little for Emily, his girlfriend of four months, and just wanted to rule her life.
She added: “The descriptions of Emily Longley paint a picture of a fun-loving girl who brought a ray of sunshine into the lives of those she touched.
“You have extinguished that light suddenly and needlessly. You told your parents you loved Emily Longley but you do not know the meaning of love.
“Loving someone is not seeking to control that person’s life, not telling someone they are a whore and not slagging them off to friends. You did not love her — she was just a trophy. The relationship, if that’s what it can be called, was all about you.
“It was about control, which you carried out using aggression and threats.
“You could not be seen to be dumped by her or be seen to look like an idiot in front of your friends.
“Your anger grew, your resentment built up and festered.

Rich boyfriend Elliot Turner blew his top when he saw the modelling assignment shots of 17-year-old Emily. Incensed Turner, yesterday found guilty of her murder, told friends the snaps were “pervy” and “made her look like a whore”. Turner, 20, suspected Emily was seeing other men behind his back He told a friend of Emily’s who organized the photo session: “Stop encouraging Emily to do these shoots, it’s unacceptable. I don’t want Emily going out with pervy guys or my enemies because I will fucking kill them.”

“Your arrogance during your relationship with Emily Longley, during your time on remand and even throughout this trial has been breathtaking.” Turner’s parents Leigh, 54, and Anita, 51, were convicted of perverting justice on Monday for helping their son’s attempt to cover up the murder. They will be sentenced later.
Business student Emily’s parents emigrated to New Zealand when she was nine. But she moved back to England in 2010 to live with her grandparents.
Mum Caroline and dad Mark are no longer married but both were at Winchester Crown Court for the sentencing hearing. Caroline said it was “fantastic” to look Turner in the eye as Judge Dobbs laid into him.

Photo taken before the murder

She added: “What the judge said was almost to the word what we wanted to say.
“One of the important things was getting justice but also that Elliot will be off the streets.”
The mum told how Emily was killed three hours after she sent her fearful text about Turner.
Anger … Judge Dobbs
She said: “The first thing I thought was, ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t help you, Emily. I wasn’t there to protect you’.”
Mark said he was shocked by Emily’s death — and stunned by the lack of remorse shown by Turner and his parents. He added: “We’d just seen Emily, she was so happy. It’s a terrible waste of a promising life.
“I’m biased and I loved her but the world really was a better place with Emily in it.
“I hope he suffers every day in prison for what he has done. That a man so evil can treat a gentle, loving girl like Emily so violently is beyond belief.”
The dad told how he and Caroline were “extremely relieved” the case has come to an end.
He said: “This trial has been horrific and we’ve had to digest these horrendous facts.”

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