Top Secret Hedge Hunk Playroom

///Top Secret Hedge Hunk Playroom

Top Secret Hedge Hunk Playroom

Hedgeho has an exclusive scoop on a clandestine gentlemen’s club. The ONLY way in is by personal invite. Word of mouth, no advertizing -the hedgefund way to go before Phillip Goldstein saved the day. Hedgefunds are allowed to advertise now, so is naturally keeping up  – showing it’s support to the change of law by allowing a little light to hedge funders equally guarded after hour activities.

Three nights a week private gentlemen’s evenings are taking place across NYC. Carried out in different venues each night. Can you say exclusive?! If you’re quick you may catch the lustivities at 37 W 17th st on Wednesdays or 5 E 19th st on Thursdays. Events start 7.30 pm, behind closed doors and even more closed off bouncers. Those excuisite events are reserved for long time members and high ballers (read: heavily hedge).

However, Fridays gentlemen nights start later at 10 pm 12 W 45th Point Break bar. Not to say Bridge and Tunnel (of the money world) – these weekend nights are open for lawyers, Wall streeters etc. Uncharacteristically younger clientele, new members, happy to have a foot in the door but no guarantee for permanent membership. This is also the day management likes to test out newbie staff. Sink or swim?

So what goes on in those events? Thursdays are a day where all hand picked, well-screened beauties prefer to lounge around in sexy lingerie whereas other days they keep it classy with cocktail dresses – that only drop in private rooms upstairs.

Allegedly the sensual establishment operates on framework of a strip club. With an exception of no poles or pole dancing. Staying withing 18 to 25 age bracket is part of the job requirement for the beauties. Aim is to hire ladies that are genuine, come off real, sincere and nice. That’s the marketed value of the organization.

Tall skinny pony-tail sporting gentlemen, founder of the sexy secret society comes off as having a demonstratively geeky streak but not without a certain sexual charm. Calculated standoffishness mixed with certain genuinety. Add the certain power of running this sort of nightlife. Brings it to an intriguing mix. Rumor has it he got his start and early connections working for Rolling Stone magazine. Not too shabby.




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