Student’s Sex Tape Plays At Graduation

//Student’s Sex Tape Plays At Graduation

Student’s Sex Tape Plays At Graduation

A student in Denmark shared much more about his high school experience with his family and friends than he anticipated, when a videotape of him having sex was played during his school’s graduation festivities.
The X-rated clip of the student having sex with a woman began to play in a video presentation celebrating the graduates of the Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium school near Copenhagen, shocking the 400 to 500 people in the crowd.
“It started with some pictures of them and you thought it was fun. But it then turned into a sex video,” a student told, “Everyone was shocked – but no-one turned it off. It was clearly too much and the 30 seconds the film lasted, felt a very long time.”
It is not clear if the student or the woman involved knew the footage was taken of them, but it appeared to be hidden camera video, the school’s Headmaster Jorgen Rasmussen told The Copenhagen Post.
School officials believe it was intentionally placed in the presentation, which included photos and videos from students, and have identified and punished the students who edited the tape.
Rasmussen said the student featured in the tape is not in trouble and should consider legal action against whoever obtained and revealed the racy footage.
“We’ve agreed not to press charges,” Rasmussen said, according to The Copenhagen Post. “However, we have encouraged the two young people who appear in the video to proceed with the case. It is really them, and not the school, that was violated.”

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