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Sex Apps – Bang With Friends and Pro’s

The new Facebook app Bang with friends has stared a line of sex apps and sites.

sex-appThe thing is question turns out to be a charmingly named Facebook app called Bang With Friends.
Bang With Friends merely removes the “h” from hangout and replaces it with a “b.” Both parties are only notified when there is mutual interest. So there’s no deep, direct rejection.
Moved by this success, perhaps, rivals have come along to take the concept to, as it were, the next level of sophistication.
Bang With Professionals
The site offers a rather alluring enticement: “Because people you want to bang aren’t always Facebook friends.”

sexretary“Our services are completely secure and anonymous. Your co-workers will only know you’re interested for more if they are interested too,” the Bang With Professionals site says, perhaps removing the need for intervention by your human-resources department. I have attempted to make contact with Bang With Professionals with a nervous curiosity to find out more about what this workplace collaboration might entail.
However, as one of the bang With Friends creators (anonymously) told the Daily Beast: “(Sex) should be something you’re expressive about, that you’re comfortable with, and if there’s a beautiful woman or a handsome man that you’re interested in, you shouldn’t hold back. We’re just giving you closer access to knowing the truth.”

If people you want to bang aren’t always Facebook friends and not your co-workers check out the site inspired by a quant hedge fund hot shot.




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