Hedge Funder Todd Meisner Had Sex With His Personal Assistant Who Bamboozled About $1Million From Him

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Hedge Funder Todd Meisner Had Sex With His Personal Assistant Who Bamboozled About $1Million From Him

The grafty personal assistant who allegedly pulled a fast one on $1.6 million from Nicky Hilton’s ex-husband traveled around the globe from Paris to India to Miami, staying in five-star hotels while getting her dog groomed, The Post has learned.

New details emerged yesterday about Renata Shamrakova’s scam as the the 27-year-old was busted on new charges of evidence tampering.

Shamrakova is accused of stealing hedge funder Todd Meister’s identity, applying for an AMEX credit card in his name and adding herself as another user to make $150,000 in luxury purchases.

To keep Meister’s platinum and gold cards afloat, Shamrakova repeatedly made wire transfers from his JP Morgan account, the prosecutor said, treating it “essentially as a personal piggy bank.”

Shamrakova is free on a $450,000 bail bond; she is due back before the judge on April 19


Hedge fund manager Todd Meister, mainly know for being Nicky Hilton's ex-husband, is tangled up in another legal mess with his beautiful Russina personal assistant, Renata Shamrakova.

Renata Shamrakova who used the credit cards to travel the world and buy expensive jewelry to resell on the online business she runs with Smaye. Based on their twitter accounts (Smaye’s and Shamrakova’s), it appears the business is called Karat & Ice and is still in operation.


Todd Meister got married Nicky Hilton in Vegas in 2004 after just three months together. It was annulled six weeks later

After her initial arrest five days earlier, cops said Shamrakova, who had worked in Meister’s offce, phoned several friends from jail, ordering them to destroy or hide financial documents, clothing and jewelry.

Detectives found a shredder that was used to obliterate documents at an undisclosed location where they executed a search warrant.

For eleven months, she lived high off  Meister’s dime, charging international flights to Paris, Italy, Rome, Miami and India, the source said, adding that she stayed in the Four Seasons George V Paris and The Delano in South Beach.

Using the illegal credit card, she also bought inventory for a new jewelry business she was starting, paid for grooming for her dog and even got Fresh Direct deliveries to her home, the sources said.

In court: Russian-born Renata Shamrakova pleaded not guilty to charges that she looted party-boy hedge funder Todd Meister

The personal assistant of a millionaire New York socialite today pleaded not guilty to stealing almost $1million from him, claiming they were in a relationship and he consented to the money.

Renata Shamrakova, 27, who worked for Nicky Hilton’s ex-husband Todd Meister, 41, has been accused of grand larceny, identity theft and tampering with evidence related to $900,000 of unauthorized charges on his American Express Cards.

Assistant Manhattan district Attorney Cory Jacobs also accused Shamrakova of using his client’s checking account as a ‘personal piggy bank’ blaming her for taking $500,000 from it to pay for the credit card bills.

He told a judge this morning: ‘It is our position that based on the very high values involved, the defendant should go to state prison.’

But Shamrakova’s attorney, Mark Agnifilo, told the court it was not as ‘neat and tidy’ as prosecutors were making out and that he was investigating the possibility there may be a romantic component between the two.

He said: ‘It’s a he said-she said. He said this is a theft. She said it is not because there was a relationship.’

She insists the payments and credit card charges were made with his consent. Prosecutors say she applied for an American Express credit card in the business man’s name – then added herself as a secondary user.

The pretty Russian native started working for Meister – a hedge fund manager and heir to the Aon insurance fortune – in March 2011.

It was ten months before the 41-year-old noticed the cash was missing.

That’s the stunning defense glamorous Russian-born Renata Shamrakova unveiled today after pleading not guilty to charges that she looted party-boy hedge funder Todd Meister out of nearly $1 million while working as his personal assistant last year.

Jacobs said that between then and when she was arrested, his client funded trips all over the world and paid for thousands of pieces of jewellery – most of which Shamrakova and her boyfriend Michael Smaye sold on their online jewellery business.


“My view to this is that he was authorizing these payments every month,” Agnifilo said of the ten-month credit-card spree Shamrakova is charged with, on top of charges of tampering and obstruction for allegedly trying to dump evidence with the help of her other now-ex-boyfriend, Michael Smaye.

Smaye, who is a citizen of Canada, is charged with tampering and obstruction, and was in the dark about Shamrakova’s alleged job-related financial and romantic activities, said a source.

“[Meister’s] saying she did these things without his consent,” Agnifilo said. “But that’s all going to be a matter of proof,” the lawyer said of the scandalous defense. “It’s going to be a matter of establishing a he-said, she-said.


Co defendant: Michael Smaye is expected to turn himself in next Tuesday

Smaye is also charged with grand larceny, identity theft and obstruction and tampering, and is in negotiations to turn himself in on Tuesday, March 6.

Prosecutors said they are accepting nothing less than a year in prison for the 27-year-old, according to the Post.

The top grand larceny charge carries anywhere from zero to 15 years behind bars.




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