Linda Evangelista Takes Billionaire Baby Daddy To Court

//Linda Evangelista Takes Billionaire Baby Daddy To Court

Linda Evangelista Takes Billionaire Baby Daddy To Court

Supermodel is suing  French tycoon Francois-Henri Pinault over child support.

Linda Evangelista, 46, duked it out, litigation-style, with her former lover Francois Henri-Pinault, 49, on Friday over how much money she would receive in monthly expenses for their 5-year-old son, Augustin.
Evangelista was reportedly asking for upward of $46,000 in monthly expenses for Augustin (also known as Augie), and though she denied such a figure in court on Thursday, no additional figure has been floated.

There’s more than money at stake, though. In the two-hour hearing, Beslow wondered whether Pinault thought the model had intentionally become pregnant, provoking an angry objection from the French billionaire’s legal team, led by attorney David Aronson. “She can answer, but I guess,” was Pinault’s  response, in heavily-accented English.

After leaving Evangelista, Pinault married another big-name beauty: Hollywood actress Salma Hayek. Hayek and Pinault have a child of their own, Valentina, born less than a year after Augie. Beslow was careful to show how Pinault’s provisions for Valentina differ from those for Augie. Four-year-old Valentina, for instance, will become owner of a $12 million Los Angeles home the day she turns 21. (Pinault has two other older children from his first marriage, called Mathilde and Francois. They live in Paris with their mother.)

Evangelista’s legal team detailed the extravagant vacations Pinault takes with Hayek and their daughter, including a 12-day stay at the Four Seasons in Bora Bora in 2010 that cost around $60,000, Christmas on a yacht in St. Barths and trips to Miami. The French fashion mogul admitted he’d never invited Augie on a trip, nor that he’d ever told Augie of the existence of his two oldest siblings. He also told the court he occasionally pays for a security team to guard Valentina against the invasive paparazzi when the family is in L.A. He offers no such provision for Augie.


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