Hottest Female Poker Babes

Hottest Female Poker Babes

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Trishelle Cannatella

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Trishelle Cannatella Fittingly, after appearing in “The Real World – Las Vegas,” Trishelle Cannatella went on to pose for Playboy, appear in Punk’d and participate in the Lingerie Bowl. Oh yeah, she can play poker too. An ex-boyfriend gave her “Poker For Dummies as a Joke,” before she established herself but now she’s the one laughing all the way to the bank..


Hedge Fund Poker Players

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Russian Mob Run High Stakes Poker Ring Connects to Murder Suicide

shootingRussian Mob Run Illegal Billionaire NYC Poker Ring Connected to Queens Murder Suicide.
Russian mob run poker ring connected to billionaire hedge fund manager Marc Lasry to has links to a murder suicide that took place last year in Queens. Gary Zalevsky pulled out a Beretta .380-caliber handgun and shot Brian Weiss near JFK airport.


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