Town House! not Townhouse- SHIT size does matter. I think we all agree

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Town House! not Townhouse- SHIT size does matter. I think we all agree

Some of these billionaire honchos have homes should require their own areacode.

Billionaire hedge funders own some of the nicest luxury apartments and largest mansions in America.

Hedge-fund manager Edward S. Lampert  is in contract to buy a home on an Island off Florida’s Biscayne Bay for nearly $40 million, according to people familiar with the deal. 

The coral-colored home has an “arrival court” with formal hedges and a reflecting pool. The home measures about 17,000 square feet, has seven bedrooms and sits on 2.7 acres, according to public records. A spokesman for Mr. Lampert, who lives in Greenwich, Conn., declined to comment.

Eddie Lampert



Most Successful Hedge Fund Manager Ray Dalio’s three-story Greenwich mansion

$3.64 million home value Bridgewater Associates Ray Dalio’s Greenwich, Conn. mansion privately sits back off the road behind trees and bushes. The 5,569 square foot home has three stories with seven bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Note: Home values are an estimate based on various sources.


Adam Sender’s penthouse overlooking the Stock Exchange


Adam Sendler penthouse

$6.65 million home value The founder of Exile Capital Management bought the top floor at Downtown by Philippe Starck for $8.1 million in 2007. The penthouse includes 6,300 square feet of living space plus three terraces. We expect Sender has filled it with his vast contemporary art collection and lots of computer monitors.


Ken Griffin’s luxurious Chicago penthouse

Ken Kriffin Chicago penthouse

$8.22 million home value [list price adjusted with Chicago index]CEO of Citadel Capital

People dream of vacations at the Hyatt. Ken Griffin lives at the Chicago Park Hyatt permanently, at the 8,600-foot penthouse apartment that was listed for $11 million in 2006.


Julian Robertson’s old money suite on Central Park South


Julian Robertson Suite

$8.67 million home value of Julian Robertson lives at the exclusive Hampshire House at 150 Central Park South in an apartment once owned by Alice Tully. All 5 apartments on the 27th floor were combined in Tully’s era to form one big pad, which sold for $3.9 million in ’94. Today it must be worth a fortune.

From an article about the late Josie Robertson: When I first entered their home, I remarked “Wow, this looks like something I’ve seen in Architectural Digest,” to which Mrs. Robertson casually replied, “You have.”


Mark Lasry’s Upper East Side townhouse, once owned by Michael Jackson


Mark Larsy UES townhouse

$12.6 million home value of Avenue Capital

Lasry’s townhouse just off Fifth Ave on the upper east side has six floors. The townhouse was formerly occupied by Michael Jackson and artist Marc Chagall. This beautiful red brick building stands out amongst the grey cement homes that line the rest of the block.

Richard Perry’s modern art mecca, right by the Queensboro bridge

$17.7 million home value Founder of Perry Capital

Perry Capital’s founder bought the full floor penthouse at 1 Sutton Place for $11 million in 2000. The interior is a modern art dream and was featured in Vogue magazine. Note: Home values are an estimate based on various sources.

John Paulson’s Upper East Side duplex with European charm


John Paulson UES

$17.9 million home value CEO of Paulson & Co.

Paulson’s East 63rd Street duplex has European charm, elaborate details and high ceilings. The open and spacious apartment includes 3.5 bathroom, a beautiful foyer, large living room, and dining room, and a sweeping staircase leading to the three bedrooms.

Note: Home values are an estimate based on various sources.

Jim Chanos’ 1930s mega townhouse

Jum Chanos townhouse

$18 million home value President and founder of Kynikos

Chanos bought the penthouse of a 1930 mansion for $20 million in 2008. It has 7,800 square feet and 3,600 square feet outdoors, overlooking Central Park, and a master suite with two fireplaces.

Note: Home values are an estimate based on various sources.

John Angelo’s Upper West Side apartment overlooking private central courtyard


John Angelos UWS apartment

$18.5 million home value CEO of Angelo, Gordon & Co.

Angelo lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in The Dakota, a historic apartment building which has been home to celebrities like Judy Garland, Connie Chung, and John Lennon.


George Soros’ 16 room duplex bachelor pad


George Soros Duplex

$20.7 million home value Founder of Soros Fund Management

As part of a divorce settlement in 2005, Soros paid his ex-wife Susan Weber $24 million to take full ownership of his 16 room apartment on Fifth Ave.

Note: Home values are an estimate based on various sources.

Glenn Dubin’s 15th floor palace, once owned by Jackie Kennedy

Glenn Dubins Palace


$24.4 million home value Co-Founder of Highbridge Capital Management

The co-founder of Highbridge Capital Management bought Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s old apartment for $30 million in 2006. Taking up all of the fifteenth floor, the apartment has four bedrooms, two dressing rooms, a staff room, a library, living room, dining room, conservatory, two terraces, three fireplaces, five and a half bathrooms and a wine room.


Steven Cohen’s Greenwich pleasure palace with an ice skating rink and indoor pool

Steven Cohen Palace

$27.5 million home value CEO of SAC Capital

Cohen’s Greenwich, Conn. home has nine bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, an indoor pool, a putting green, and an ice skating rink. The home is over 35,000 square feet and cost Cohen over $14,000,000 in 1998. The palace is littered with Cohen’s strange modern art acquisitions.

Paul Tudor Jones ridiculous Chesapeake Bay estate with islands that spell his initials


Paul Tudor Estate

$30 million home value  CEO of Tudor Investment Corporation

PTJ has a giant Maryland estate that comes with islands that spell his initials. Check the photo — that can’t be just coincidence. Jones just listed the property for $30 million.

Note: Home values are an estimate based on various sources.

Steve Feinberg’s secretive Egyptian mansion


Steve Feinberg’s Mansion

$32.2 million home value  of Cerberus Capital Management

The notoriously secretive founder of Cerberus Capital Management’s said this at a shareholder meeting: “We try to hide religiously. If anyone at Cerberus has his picture in the paper and a picture of his apartment, we will do more than fire that person. We will kill him. The jail sentence will be worth it.”

Well, we found him… Feinberg bought the former Egyptian mission to the U.N. in 2003 for $19.75 million. It includes a movie theater, sauna, and roof garden. He has attracted plenty of tabloid attention for blowing over $15 million on bungled renovations.

Note: Home values are an estimate based on various sources.

Daniel Loeb’s 15 CPW penthouse


Dan Loeb Penthouse

$39.4 million home value CEO of Third Point LLC

Third point LLC founder Daniel Loeb bought one of the very best apartments at 15 CPW in 2008 for $45 million. His 10,700 square foot pad features 360-degree views, servant’s quarters, an expansive deck, and a library.

Note: Home values are an estimate based on various sources.

Phil Falcone’s extravagant former porn palace


Phil Falcone’s Palace

$46.6 million home value [sale price adjusted with NYC index]CEO of Harbinger Capital

Hedge funder Falcone bought this awesome mansion for $49 million in 2008 from Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione, who had installed gaga features like marble columns with his face carved in them.

Note: Home values are an estimate based on various sources.

Stephen Schwarzman’s 3-story Park Ave palace with room for servants


Steven Schwartzman’s palace

$48.3 million home value  CEO of Blackstone

Stephen Schwarzman lives on 740 Park Avenue, a location known as The World’s Richest Apartment Building that has housed Vanderbilts, Rockefellers and Chryslers. Schwarzman dropped $30 million on his triplex in 2000, so it’s worth much more today. It comes with at least 11 fireplaces, 37 rooms, 43 closets, a gym, sauna, steam room, billiards room, screening room, and servants’ quarters, according to Cityfile.

Note: Home values are an estimate based on various sources.

Bruce Kovner’s incredible Georgian mansion


Bruce Konver’s Mansion

$57.3 million home value [sale price adjusted with NYC index plus, lets say, $7.5 million for renovations]CEO of Caxton Associates

Caxton Associates founder Bruce Kovner bought this beautiful Georgian mansion for $27.5 million in 1999 and spent $10 million on renovations, converting it to a science fiction fortress.

It has a lead-lined safe room on the fourth floor that’s capable of withstanding dirty bomb or chemical weapons attack, according to Cityfile. That’s in addition to a two-story master bedroom, more than a dozen baths, book vault, and soundproof media room.



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