Hedge Fund Playboy Marc Leder Secret Lovechild

//Hedge Fund Playboy Marc Leder Secret Lovechild

Hedge Fund Playboy Marc Leder Secret Lovechild

Hedge fund playboy Marc Leder, who’s  known  for sexually  charged Hamptons parties – has a 10-month-old daughter with the attractive blonde in her early 40s, whom we’ve agreed not to name.

A source to NYPost,  “Marc and the lady, a single working woman, have had a longtime on/off affair and she became pregnant. There was a wrangle over money, but they have reached a generous and amicable agreement for child support through lawyers. Marc has also put the mother and his child up in an apartment on West 57th Street.”

Marc Leder, the co-CEO of Sun Capital, has a reputation for throwing down and having a good time.

Last summers Hampton’s home where guests skinny dipped in the pool and performed sex acts, while scantily clad Russian women danced on platforms,.

Hip-hop music mogul Russell Simmons attended one of his parties and Tweeted
Marc Leder is worth an estimated $400 million and a co-owner of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, was a big Romney booster and a defender of his role at Bain Capital.

Leder’s private equity company — which boasts companies including Gerber Childrenswear and Friendly’s Ice Cream — is based in Boca Raton, Fla., where he has a $3 million home — the site of the Romney fund-raiser in May where the Republican ex-presidential hopeful said 47 percent of Americans are “dependent on government.”

Leder already has three children who we’re told are in their late teens and early 20s and have learned of their new half-sister. He has also told close friends.

Marc  Leder’s 22-year marriage collapsed in 2009 and his ex-wife, Lisa, admitted to cheating on him with her 23-year-old tennis coach. Leder threw parties at a beachfront mansion he rented for $500,000 for the month of July 2011.

Mark Leder “I became the proud parent of a beautiful little girl last January with my former girlfriend of a year. We maintain a close relationship, and are committed to raising our daughter jointly.”



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