Hedge Fund Exclusive- Quant Hedgie turns GrayHat Vigilante to stop child predator

//Hedge Fund Exclusive- Quant Hedgie turns GrayHat Vigilante to stop child predator

Hedge Fund Exclusive- Quant Hedgie turns GrayHat Vigilante to stop child predator

Please Help- Hedge Fund Quant turns Gray Hat To Catch Child Predator And Police Do NOTHING 

A hedge fund quantitative developer, calling himself Timothy and prefer he remain anonymous  due to the sensitivity of his findings, and methods used.   Timothy overheard a worried family speaking on the lack of help or consideration from local authorities when they reported their sophomore daughter had recently received several  menacing threats.  Timothy, having a background in Computer Science and Masters in Mathematics from a top-tier ivy league school, and has worked in everything from high frequency trading, or machine learning to satellite positioning and geo-spatial tools, offered to help.



For the time being, call me  Timothy, I have over nearly 10 years of  experience developing signals/ writing algorithms and creating models for various industries. 

Recently I found out of stalking, harassing, and menacing now resulting in a death threat, calculated to high likelihood.  

 The technical details of the model will be disclosed at this time other than the following- Technologies,  Social Media Profiling, Natural Language Processing, applied Stochastic Differential Equation and Brownian Motion.  sift through petabytes of data, millions of I.P addresses, finding numerous proxies and modifications to hardware MAC addresses.  In 10 days the threats became more frequent in more specific in detail, containing evidence of stalking, signs of a dangerous  obsessions and expressing fatal threat. As the situation develops, the perpetrator is becoming increasingly savvy in his use of technology – and employing non traditional measures, and safeguards beyond the level of prank.  Recently I had reason to believe some of the more advanced coding had been outsourced.  Each email continues to go ignored by the police but we are frightened. My model has narrowed results to 1 of 3 points of origin with frequency mapping-

I Went to local police they are taking a lackadaisical “Wait and See” approach to this situation; this is  fucking unacceptable.”


We are asking for the help and support from any federal official authorized to travel overstate lines-  Titans make some calls- do what you do – execute!  This lack of care or assistance from a police department is only about an hour commute from New York City.   Contact  Timothy directly to review his findings at tips@hedgeho.com –

Please, this could be your mother, your sister or your child and I know you would want and deserve the same help with the same level of urgency.

On behalf of all of us at HedgeHo we greatly appreciate in advance your concern, involvement and or referral.

* Our due diligence included the meeting with “Timothy” to  review various documents academic and state issued to validate identity.

Please Email your name, agency affiliated, and contact information to  tips@hedgeho.com  – All messages will forward to Timothy


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