Hedge Fund Dad’s Killer Son Is Fit to Stand For Trial

//Hedge Fund Dad’s Killer Son Is Fit to Stand For Trial

Hedge Fund Dad’s Killer Son Is Fit to Stand For Trial

Thomas Gilbert Junior who shot dead his hedge fund manager father Thomas Gilbert Senior is fit to stand for trial.

thomas-gilbert-jr-trialA forensic psychologist hired by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office says a man accused of killing his hedge fund founder father over a cut in his allowance is fit to stand trial.

Stuart Kirschner said in court Wednesday that although two court-appointed psychiatrists found Thomas Gilbert Jr. unfit to stand trial he found he had no trace of serious mental disorders.

The 31-year-old is accused of shooting Thomas Gilbert Sr. in January and then trying to make it appear as if his 70-year-old father killed himself.

Gilbert’s attorney, Alex Spiro, says Gilbert has a history of delusions and psychotic symptoms going back at least a decade. He previously informed the judge he would present a mental health defense if the case goes to trial.


Mr. Kirschner said Mr. Gilbert demonstrated he was intelligent and understood the charges against him, as well as the roles of the prosecutor, defense lawyer, judge and jury. “I didn’t see any evidence of psychosis,” he said.

The psychologist added that if Mr. Gilbert was hiding symptoms of a psychosis during the interview, that indicates he was aware of his condition and thus is fit for trial.


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