East-Hamptons Excitement

///East-Hamptons Excitement

East-Hamptons Excitement

So summer being the season for some  Hamps activities, that’s where we girls naturally spend a few of the weekends. Hot days, hot boys, hot toys…I am certainly not the one to deprive myself. However i do choose my indulgencies carefully.(Important!).  Hottie over a donut, hedge funder over a lawyer… it is the bikini shopping season after all!

Soo… last night at the East-Hamptons pool party i met this ruggedly handsome gentlman. How refreshing. After more than a fair share of metrosexual New York scenesters.  But then again, these invite only events do tend to keep the riff-raff out. And voila’! Few Belugas on the rocks and it’s a date the following day.

Ahhhh I’m loving this! The nicest sushi restaurant thoughtfully close to where I’m residing. (And it’s not because he wants to tastelessly rush back to my place either…we went to his.) And he knows his sake! A perfect bottle of unfiltered to go with that breezy seaside evening. And he listens attentively to me telling him about how there’s Mercury in the tuna. And how i used to be a vegetarian for five years. And how i usually don’t eat pork. He responds by saying how japanese cuisine is so much more than just sushi and, and now he remembers why he liked me.

What?!! That’s a slap in the face. I use all my willpower not to quaere if those are prescription shades laying on the table. How about remembering that when i strolled down to meet him! With a cocktail dress close to exposing me with every move? Boom! I’m paralized by hot girl insecurities. (Am i even qualified to have hot girl insecurites now?) He likes me because I’m nice then, i assume. Is he blind??

That’s it. Double bikram yoga in the morning! And i knew i should have got my hair two shades lighter. Tomorrow!

I end up being extra nice to him the whole evening just in case it’s the sole reason he’s into me. Well until the sake kicks in, anyway. Then i’m just my usual mouthy self with few attempts to reservations.

Back at his place! Yum! He has a puppy who’s with a sitter for the night. How cute. Hope the sitter is not an ex-(current)wife. Not so cute. One thing leads to another and things get steamy.  Just to play coy, i reach to pull down my skirt. Only for my hand to meet his simultaneously doing the same! Pulling down my skirt. Not up. Down. To cover me. Wtf? Silently thanking the universe i made that “play hard to get move” on time..he would’ve just pat me on the back and sent me home with a peck on the cheek? Ugh, he either really likes me and wants to take things slow OR he has some kinky sex party in the cards for the night, sending me home sans invitation. I feel like you never know with these hedge hunks…

To be continued..


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