Confessions of a High Class Escort

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Confessions of a High Class Escort

She asked to stay anonymous so we just call her Milena. I was 18 when started having sex for money. I was away from my small town for the first time and attending an expensive private university in New York City. My allowance and work-study salary weren’t enough to cover my ramen noodles and textbooks, much less participate in city life. A lot of students are broke and don’t become prostitutes, but I was already engaging in the usual bacchanal of freshman-year hookups; I just figured that since i wasn’t in a relationship and if I was going to have sloppy, drunken sex with guys who didn’t know my name, I might as well get paid for it. But I genuinely liked sex, and the more I thought about it, the difference between sleeping with a guy after he bought me dinner and taking money in advance seemed indistinguishable.In todays economy? I live in the nice apartment go to Ivy Leaque School, Travel and wear the nicest Clothes. I know a lot of people would judge but so far I’m doing a lot better then working 2 jobs and not going to collage. I always think that my hates are my motivates.
The easiest way to do it is work for agency. Now it might sound like they take almost half (most of them actually take half) why wouldn’t i be independent. Well i got to keep 60% and the cloents were all screened or regulars. they already knew they had to pay and had no problem with it.
The clients- Oh yeah All I will EVER say is that they are the Princes or Wall Street Guys, Hedge Funders. They really are the top 1%.
Despite the occasional odd request to play strip poker or to give me a pedicure, most clients fell into one of two camps: The first group just wanted blow jobs or just sex. The others would ask for the “GFE,” or girlfriend experience, a date-like scenario: We’d sip wine before kissing, and then move on to oral sex and intercourse. Since i charge by the hour and i charge a lot these were my favorite. A 10k date would equal 10K. It was my choice of work and now as I am graduating will not go back to escorting. I am thankful  helped me to to pay my education and not be in debt like rest of America.


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