Barclays Online Billing Giant Hacked

//Barclays Online Billing Giant Hacked

Barclays Online Billing Giant Hacked

Barclays social engineering  attackers tweeting credit card data and top secret information

Hacking group raided an online billing giant’s computer systems and put thousands of customers’ credit card numbers on the web.
The Underground Nazis posed as the bosses of WHMCS to dupe the firm’s web hosts into releasing top secret info.
Customers names, addresses and phone numbers were put on Twitter — sparking panic among the 500,000 registered users of the firm, based in Milton Keynes, Bucks.
Barclays was caught up in the attack, with details of a company credit card posted online.
A major FBI probe was launched yesterday.
WHMCS boss Matt Pugh said: “It was a social engineering attack.
“The person was able to impersonate myself.
“They gained access to our client account, changed the email and requested a mailing of the access details.”

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