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As attorney general for New York City, Spitzer had uncovered some of corporate America’s dirtiest secrets, but the tables turned and the hunter become the hunted. Room was booked under the name George Fox.  Spitzer had been using the name of his close friend, a hedge fund investor. This information came to light from a federal wiretap.

On September 2003, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer announced the issuance of a complaint against New Jersey hedge fund Canary Capital Partners by Noreen Harrington. That same year, it turns out, Harrington said she told another audience a different storm was coming. Harrington, having been hired as the chief investment officer by a hedge fund founded in part by the owners of the Mets, said she warned the owners about investing further with Bernard L. Madoff. Madoff  lost $50 billion of his investors money, and pled guilty to 11 felony counts—securities fraud, investment adviser fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, three counts of money laundering, false statements, perjury, false filings with the United States (SEC While the extent of his fraud is still being uncovered, prosecutors say $170 billion moved through the principal Madoff account over decades, and that before his arrest the firm’s statements showed a total of $65 billion in accounts. But now back to The Spitzer Sex Scandal.  Read More on Ashley Dupre

Ashley Dupre was the woman at the center of the Eliot Spitzer prostitution s known as Kristen  as a call girl. Find Out How Is Spitzer’s Callgirl Connected to Spitzer’s friend Hedge Fund Manager James Chanos.

James Chanos.

Hedge Fund Manager  James Chanos he met Ashley Dupré, the prostitute involved in the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal, at a nightclub several years earlier.  James S. Chanos is the founder and managing partner of Kynikos Associates, a hedge fund based in New York that specializes in short-selling stocks. Chanos frequently invited her to parties, though he denied introducing her to Spitzer. Dupré, who called Chanos “Uncle Jim,” worked as Chanos’ house sitter. The billionaire hedge fund manager does not deny the tabloid accusations against him. ‘I’m a divorced single man’ is all that Chanos will say about his after-hours activities, albeit with a bit of a smile.” Of Dupré, Chanos said, “She is one of many young ladies I have spent time with around town.”

Ashley Dupre

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Hedge Fund Closing That was another Scandal that put a lot of Prostitutes Out Of Work

Galleon Group – Insider trading word in this fund should be changed to insider partnership and prostitution… Prostitution is rampant for executives visiting Galleon. You will find that the Super Bowl parties for the executives, paid for by Galleon Group, include prostitutes and other forms of illegal entertainment. In return, the executives provide Galleon the unfair edge that the fund leverages so well.  Read More

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