Hedge Fund Titan Soros Presents New Girlfriend

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Hedge Fund Titan Soros Presents New Girlfriend

George Soros made first public appearance with the girlfriend Tamiko Bolton, who is no longer the secret second mistress.

SorosA night before a court date with his ex mistress Adriana Ferreyr. It was first time Soros, 81, and Bolton, 39, were photographed together officialy in public as a couple.

Tamiko Bolton resides in the $1.9 million apartment which Ferreyr says Soros promised her, and which she’s suing over. Soros and Bolton’s sudden public appearance, meantime, seemed like a statement (or a show of unity) the night before a hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Tamiko-Bolton George-SorosSoros was just one of the crème de la crème at the Moet & Chandon and Audi screening, and French consulate after-party celebrating Harvey Weinstein’s induction into the Légion d’Honneur by Nicolas Sarkozy. “Intouchables” is Weinstein’s new French import after his Oscar-winning sensation “The Artist.” “I am still trying to piece together how the boy who grew up 10 miles from here in Flushing, and who used to walk two miles to the Mayfair Theater, is standing in a room on the Upper East Side with . . . an impressive group like this, receiving this great honor,” Weinstein said in front of the reception’s hosts (François Delattre and Antonin Baudry), his family (wife Georgina Chapman, mother Miriam, brother Bob Weinstein) and guests (Charlie Rose, Peter Peterson, Jim Dolan, Paul Haggis and Stephen Schwarzman). Weinstein called “Intouchables,” which he’s also remaking in English, “An extraordinary story of friendship.”

Who is George Soros? 


Court Case

George Soros  81 offered to pay his ex-lover Adriana Ferreyr $1 million to settle her case after backing out of a promise to buy her an Upper East Side apartment.

But furious Ferreyr turned down the lump sum, insisting she is going to sue billionaire for  $50 million after he promised to buy her a dream, $1.9 million East 85th Street pad, then instead gave it to his new girlfriend, Tamiko Bolton, who — according to Ferreyr — he’d claimed was his nurse.

Ferreyr’s lawyer, Robert Hantman, declined to comment on any settlement but told us: “We have an excellent judge [Debra James] and we are confident the law is on our side. I feel we have an excellent chance of beating this motion to dismiss. Miss Ferreyr will have her day in court.”

Tamiko Bolton, Soros’s secret grilfriend

Soros, has characterized former child actress Ferreyr, 28, as trying to cash in on their five-year relationship, which ended in 2010.

But Hantman says in court papers, “The only thing odious and unseemly about this case, aside from the defendant’s actions, is the false and extremely inflammatory and chauvinistic rhetoric suggesting that Ferreyr’s complaint is a ‘quest to cash in on their casual relationship’ or a seeking of the ‘benefits of wealth.’ ”


Sources tell us the situation has caused Ferreyr so much emotional distress that she’s dramatically lost weight. A friend told, “This isn’t about money, this is about his disrespectful behavior.”

George Soros’ lawyer, William Zabel, declined to comment on the figure offered, but said, “There was a first settlement offered before she filed the complaint.”




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