What You Might Have Not Known About NY Swingers Sex Parties

//What You Might Have Not Known About NY Swingers Sex Parties

What You Might Have Not Known About NY Swingers Sex Parties

NY High End Swingers- party planners show of one of their parties, which take place in lofts and fancy spaces around this city with mostly good looking, high-end swingers.

Paid for sex parties are not typical of the vast majority of swingers in this country — emphasis on “vast.”
Yes, there are an estimated 15 million swingers of all shapes, sizes, races, ages and physical conditions swinging even as we speak.
Ling told me the “typical” swinging couple are regular people who can be hedge fund analysts, doctors, electricians, house cleaners, lawyers and you name it.
The episode features three couples, the most bizarre being Roxy and Jeff, a wealthy couple in Arizona who have recently retired. He was an enormously successful doctor and she a nurse. They have three grown kids, have been married for 29 years and just started swinging when they moved to Arizona.
Not only aren’t they ashamed of revealing themselves, they revel in it. For a party they are throwing, Roxy dresses up in a see-through, elastic-strap, mini, elastic dress with hooker heels and Jeff turns into Howdy Doody, all done up in a rhinestone-studded cowboy shirt.
You’d think they’d be concerned that their children may have to throw themselves in front of moving vehicles to overcome the shame, but no.
In fact, they tell Ling that when they told their kids, they only said, “What took you so long?” Presumably the children meant why did it take them so long to ’fess up rather than why did it take them so long to start swinging.
The doc and his wife take Lisa along to the naughty sex shop where she buys a giant chrome dildo and some sort of fetish something or other while he checks out the rubber-spiked condoms. Hello! These are retired people!
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