Politicial Sex Scandal – New Bombshell Witness

///Politicial Sex Scandal – New Bombshell Witness

Politicial Sex Scandal – New Bombshell Witness

Politicial Sex Scandal – New Bombshell Witness

A guest of  Berlusconi ‘s  sex party has claimed the ex-Italian PM certainly  had sex with underage girl

Michelle Conceicao made the bombshell allegation during a magazine interview.
Asked if she saw the politician, 75, “pay and go to bed with underage girls”, she said: “Certainly that’s true. I was there.”
Miss Conceicao is the first witness to say Berlusconi had sex with a woman at his parties.

Karima El Mahroug, nicknamed Ruby.

Her claims came hours before the resumption of his trial for alleged sex with Karima El Mahroug, dubbed Ruby the Heartbreaker — whom prosecutors say was then 17.
Paying for sex with a woman below 18 in Italy can carry three years’ jail.
Miss Conceicao — due to give evidence later this month — told the mag she and “Ruby” heard TV host Barbara Guerra in bed with Berlusconi at a 2010 party.
She said: “Barbara came out and said he’d fallen asleep. At that point Ruby slipped inside. She managed to wake up the sleeping PM. She did it all herself — he is of a certain age.”
Miss Conceicao said Ruby was “given €5,000”.
Lawyers for Berlusconi, who says nothing untoward happened at his parties, dismissed her claims, saying she never attended one where Ruby was present. Trial goes on.

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