Trophy Girl Says She Doesn’t Care About His Big Hedge Fund Cash

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Trophy Girl Says She Doesn’t Care About His Big Hedge Fund Cash

Hot greek model dating hedge fund manager Joe Penna relies on her own paycheck

Georgia Salpa

Georgia Salpa doesn’t need her man’s big hedge fund cash

Model Georgia Salpa  made time for a trip to the bank during a flying visit to her hometown of Dublin – to check on her ever expanding bank balance.
The 26-year-old says she won’t be relying on her new beau’s millions because she’s very crafty with her own cash.
“I’ve always been a saver; I still have my Confirmation money. And that’s what I want to do. I want to save and be working so I can be independent and have my own money. I just want to have my own money and my own stuff” she said.
Georgia, who is dating hedge fund manager Joe Penna, is hoping to add a considerable amount to her bank balance following her new range of fake eyelashes and nails, launched in Dublin last night.
It was a welcome chance for Georgia to hook up with her family who attended the event.
“Here obviously is home, it feels like home, and I’m friends with everyone here. The UK is very different – it’s a lot more cut-throat there.
“I do get homesick, I miss my mum and I miss my friends. I love living in London, I’m having so much fun and going out all the time but I do miss my friends.”

Georgia,Salpa and her man hedge fund manager Joe Penna

She explains: “Here it’s one just one guy that you know. But when I went over there, when you walk from a nightclub there’s eight of them and I just can’t believe they’re out there.
“I don’t want knickers photos around, but it’s hard when you’ve had a few drinks and are wearing a mini-skirt. I’ve had to learn how to get into a taxi a bit more lady-like.”
Georgia also admitted she is no hurry to pose nude any time soon, she recently turned down an offer from US Playboy and wants to wait until she is “a bit more known in the future”.

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