Hacker Prostitutes Hunt For Horney Hedge Fund Managers?

///Hacker Prostitutes Hunt For Horney Hedge Fund Managers?

Hacker Prostitutes Hunt For Horney Hedge Fund Managers?

It is true that highly sexed alpha males are better at investing and hedge fund hunks are motivated by sex but before you call few escorts over protect your data

girl8Hedgeho.com loves vice industries we found an article of what could go wrong while having some prostitutes over

Following article from  Businessinsider
Some hedge fund managers feel they are above appearances, if not the law. Some investors believe prostitution isn’t a big deal, too. But there’s a large cohort of investors that won’t go near a hedge fund manager with a reputation for using prostitutes.
What else could go wrong? If a prostitute is in a hedge fund manager’s apartment when he’s not home, what is she doing? Who else is she letting in? Does she have friends who are good at hacking computers? What if the hedge fund manager gets caught up in a legal sting? That could distract him from fund management for a while. Investors have a tough enough job performing due diligence without these potential problems. High end hooker service gets busted –¬† 100h of video recording of prostitutes doing their deed.
A European fund manager raised the most uniquely-phrased objection to prostitution I’ve ever heard. I’ll call him David (not his real name). He invests in hedge funds and lives in a city where prostitution is legal and seems to carry no stigma. David’s objection to investing with hedge fund managers that frequent prostitutes is based on his perception of strength of character:
“I have the same reaction to it as buying kidneys. The kidney sellers cajole and flatter the buyer and fight for the first place in line. The kidney sellers are compliant and ever smiling. The kidney buyer never asks himself whether it is in the interest of these people to sell a kidney, and he doesn’t care. When a seller can’t spare another kidney, they are gone. The kidney buyer is basted with insincere adulation and fake power as long as the money lasts.”
David believes weak men surround themselves with petitioners that reinforce a self-serving point of view, and he suspects they crave flattery and mental comfort too much. One needs to hear opposing points of view. It takes character and guts to pull the plug on a strategy that’s too early, too late, or just plain wrong. Yet the market includes outside actions based on opposing points of view that may–temporarily or otherwise–adversely affect investment returns.
If a hedge fund manager’s audited returns are consistently large and show he generates high alpha, David is willing to overlook a few missing kidneys. But there are very few hedge fund managers who can claim that kind of track record.

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