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The Missing Wolf – The Real Story

The Missing Wolf – The real deal.
Yes most of what you saw was true. What we didn’t see was the cult like mind altering phenomenon that the “Wolf” bestowed on us. For the record, during my five years in the devils den not once did I hear Jordan referred to as the “Wolf”.

We “Strattonites” preferred to to call him The King. As is true in any Monarchy, he was our ruler and us, his servants followed every order. We were young, fresh out of collage or no post high school experience at all.

How Hedge Funds Beat Banks Again

Besides Hedge Funds Hiring Top Traders They Trick Them How this hedge fund pull a fast one Weinstein  didn’t know it, but he had just hooked the London Whale. Lasst November, and Mr. Weinstein, a wunderkind of the New York…

Wall Street on Adderall

The days of  traders and hedge fund managers on coke are so 80-s now there’s adderall hookers still remain. “Smart drugs” like Adderall are commonly found among professionals in both computer software development and finance related industries.  Adderall is a…