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Rick’s Cabaret Strippers Should Be Paid Minimum Wage, Judge Says


Hottest Stripper Pics of Strippers formerly employed at Rick’s Cabaret International Inc. (RICK) were entitled to be paid a minimum wage because they were employees of the club and not independent contractors, a U.S. judge ruled. Rick’s Cabaret Strippers Should Be Paid Minimum Wage, Judge Says

Berlusconi’s Call Girl Turned Councillor Strips Off


Former Berlusconi’s call girl Nicole Minetti strips off for Milan Fashion Week. We all remember Italy’s  ex prime minister’s bunga-bunga sex parties and expensive escorts and models hired for sex and kinky role plays.  This 26-year old sure has turned…

Strip Club Claims Lap Dances as Tax-Exempt Art


New York strip club claims nude lap dances are an art form and should be exempt from state taxes. Tax officials say sales taxes were paid on the strip club’s nonalcoholic drinks, but are also owed on admission and so-called…

Girls Gone Wild On Wall Street Vol4

Her name is Katrina Darling, and she’s in Private Wealth Management at Barclay’s in London. By day, that is. By night, the orange-haired 21-year-old is famous as a burlesque dancer and model. Of her financial employer, the performer says, “They…

Girls Gone Wild on Wall Street


Bosses at Playboy are trying to help out during the economic crisis in the only way they know … by asking women of Wall Street to strip-off. Our Beautiful Georgia Anderson The adult mag is looking for the sexiest Women…