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Hedge Fund Boss Steve Cohen Is Not Likely to Face Charges


Scandalous Hedge Fund SAC Founder  Steve Cohen Is Not Likely to Face Charges. Hedge fund SAC billionaire founder Steve Cohen isn’t likely to face criminal charges tied to the biggest alleged insider-trading case in history as U.S. prosecutors conclude there’s…

Hedge Fund Wives – Do and Don’t of good Hedge Fund Wife


Hedge Fund Wives – Do and Don’t of good Hedge Fund Wife. Hedge fund wife Alexandra Cohen (wife of hedge fund titan Steve Cohen) is sharing some rules about being a good hedge fund wife. Examples of Steve Cohen’s ex wife Patricia Cohen and what she did wrong. Being a hedge fund wife isn’t easy.

Steve Cohen Hedge Fund $600 Million SEC Settlement Questioned


Hedge Fund Titan Steve Cohen SAC $600 Million SEC Settlement Questioned
sac-cohenHow can a hedge fund pay the government a roughly $600 million penalty to settle insider trading accusations but not have to admit that it did anything illegal?
Judge Victor Marrero raised that question at Federal District Court in Manhattan on Thursday, as he considered whether to approve the landmark settlement between the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Steve Cohen’s hedge fund SAC Capital Advisors
“There is something counterintuitive and incongruous about settling for $600 million if it truly did nothing wrong,” Judge Marrero said.
“We’re willing to pay $600 million because we have a business to run and don’t want this hanging over our heads with litigation that could last for years,” said Martin Klotz, a lowyer for SAC.

Steve Cohen Buys Picasso Le Reve for $155 Million


Hedge fund hot shot  Steve Cohen is paying $155 Million for Picasso “Le Reve” for S. Wynn. The painting is the one that casino magnate Stephen A. Wynn accidentally — and famously — damaged with his elbow. A renowned art…

Inside SAC Hedge Fund Lots of Big Bets Via WSJ


Closer look in one of the most successful hedge fund SAC Capital run by hedge fund titan Steve Cohen – Big bets built fast. Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital Advisors LP bet big on a firm called Ardea Biosciences Inc. at…

Hedgie Spent $25 Million On New Painting?

Steve Cohen Out Art Shopping View Billionaire Hedgie Steve Cohen’s Impressive Art Collection A Gerhard Richter painting with a price of between $20 million and $25 million led sales at the world’s biggest fair of modern and contemporary art where…

Hedge Fund Divorces

Pricey hedge fund divorces   A hedge fund boss faces one of the biggest divorce payouts in Britain after he announced to friends and family that he was gay. Tycoon Pierre Lagrange, pictured right with Roubi L’Roubi, has sold his…

Newest Hedge Funder Reinsurer John Paulson

John Paulson joins hedge funders in the reinsurance business making a  deal with reinsurer Validus Holdings. Dan Loeb’s Third Point LLC set up a reinsurer called TP Re, while Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital has set plans to open up SAC…

Hedge Fund Managers Who Took Home 14.4 Billion in 2011

Hedge funds have had a tough year. Tumultuous markets. Tighter regulations. An insider trading crackdown. But despite the lackluster environment, the top managers still took home $14.4 billion in 2011. Even when returns suffer, the largest hedge funds can collect…

Hedge Funder Steve Cohen Is Baseball’s Puppet Master

The Billionaire Baller Cohen Is Baseball’s Most Important  man. The hedge fund titan is the man MLB commissioner Bud Selig is genuflecting in front of, praying Cohen will bail him out for permitting the bankrupt Los Angeles Dodgers and cash-strapped…

Wealthiest Managers In Hedge funds By Net Worth

 Wealthiest Managers In Hedge funds By Net  Worth Hedgeho.com Including top hedge-fund managers – George Soros, John Paulson, Ray Dalio,  David Tepper, James Simons, Stephen Schwarzman, Bruce Kovner, John Arnold, Edward Lampert. George Soros Net Worth $22 B Age: 81…