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UK Top 25 Wealthiest Billionaires ST Rich List

Top 25 Britain’s Richest billionaires, according to The Sunday Times Rich List. 1 Len Blavatnik £13.17 billion 2 Sri and Gopi Hinduja £13 billion 3 Galen and George Weston and family £11 billion 4 Alisher Usmanov £9.8 billion 5 David and…

Richest Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers in USA

List of Richest Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers in USA.

Twenty-eight members of the 2013 Forbes 400 built their fortunes through the management of hedge funds. Now making up 7% of America’s wealthiest individuals, their number decreased over the past twelve months from the 31 managers that made the list in 2012, as several legendary investors failed to keep pace with the rising tide of the world’s most exclusive club. The cost of entry to the Forbes 400 now stands at a staggering $1.3 billion, up $200 million from last year.

Bill Gates Tops The Richest Billionaire List $72.7 Billion

Bill Gates Tops The  Richest  Billionaire List  $72.7 Billion according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index. 1968 – Begins programming computers at age 13. 1972 – Co-founds a company called Traf-O-Data, which analyzes local traffic patterns, while still in school. Summer 1972…