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Hedge Fund Founder Busted in a Prostitution Ring


$3 Billion Hedge Fund Founder Busted in a Prostitution Ring.
The founder of a hedge fund with more than $3.2 billion under management was busted by police in Tigard, Oregon, for allegedly patronizing a prostitute, according to Tigard’s police department.

Brothels Part of Huge Sex Slave Prostitution Ring Raided By FBI


Brothels Part of Huge Sex Slave Prostitution Ring Raided By FBI Queens Brothels Part of Huge Sex Slave Prostitution Ring Raided By FBI
The breaking up of New York prostitution sex slave ring has got 13 people arrested in arrested in sex trafficing and prostitution ring.
Queens sex slave ring targeted an alleged brothel in this house in Poughkeepsie, as well as sites in Yonkers and Newburgh. Prostitutes are often driven in from Queens to one of the brothels- usually to stay for a week and have sex with several clients in a single night.
Men running the sex slave prostitution ring circulated their the sex slaves among different brothels ‘to keep the selection fresh for clients.’
They would also circulate the women among different brothels “to keep the selection fresh for clients.

Woman Jailed For Running a Teen Prostitution Ring

Germany's Escort Girls Anticipate Increasing Demand During World Cup

Californian Woman Jailed For Running a Teed Prostitution Ring A prostitution ring involving teen-aged girls that operated from Sacramento County to several Bay Area counties has been broken, and one of the women behind it has been sentenced to nine…

Wall Street Madam Freed


Gristina, who’s charged with promoting prostitution  walked out of jail and into the arms of her family yesterday after finally scraping together the collateral for a $250,000 bail bond. Watch The Gallery of most famous madams Prosecutors say Gristina’s Manhattan-based,…

US Reveals: Prostitution, Sex Assault And Wiretaps

US reveals accusations against Secret Service: prostitution, sex assault and wiretaps The U.S. government has revealed details of serious allegations against Secret Service agents and officers since 2004, including claims of involvement with prostitutes, leaking sensitive information, publishing pornography, sexual…

Actress To High Class Callgirl

Zhang Ziyi accused of sleeping with some of China’s most powerful men Extraordinary claims that Hidden Dargon star earned £64million by prostituting herself to a string of powerful Chinese men. Photo Gallery:  Sexy Actress  Ziyi Zhang Among those with whom…

NATO Men Romp in Afgan Brothels

The Sun filmed civilian workers visiting illicit brothels in the Afghan capital for sex with Chinese hookers They glugged down contraband beer as they leered at £70-a-night girls before leading them off to gloomy bedrooms. Nato chiefs say one in…

Bombshell Hedge Fund Scandals

As attorney general for New York City, Spitzer had uncovered some of corporate America’s dirtiest secrets, but the tables turned and the hunter become the hunted. Room was booked under the name George Fox.  Spitzer had been using the name…

Not Just Goldman Hedge Fund Profiting Sex Trade

Goldman Sachs has been profiting from the sex trade as  16% owner of Village Voice Media. Village Voice media publishes backpage.com one of the largest sellers and publishers of on line ads for prostitution services. Goldman Sachs is not the…

Strauss-Kahn Charged With Aggravated Pimping


French authorities have now charged The former IMF Chief with aggravated pimping, claiming to have unearthed information that ties him to a high-profile prostitution ring in the city of Lille. Now that that’s all cleared up, what is aggravated pimping?…