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This Man Gets Paid to Have Sex With Escorts


Part of Brothel Busters – this Private investigator Gets Paid to Have Sex With Escorts. ‘John’ is 60 and gets paid to have sex with prostitutes. Well, “more often than not it’s just a handjob” he says. He is one of several…

High Class Hooker Claims ADA Was Her PIMP


The scandalous call girl Rebecca Woodard claims in her tell-all, “Call Girl Confidential,’’ that she was ordered to “keep breaking the law,’’ and maintains the ADA “was my pimp’’ who ordered her to turn over the money.

Man Throws Prostitute Out the Window


British man throws a prostitute out of a third floor window after a row about sex. The 41-year-old man flew into a violent rage in his Barcelona flat after the vice girl refused to have the kind of sex he…

Japanese Fetish Club Busted For Underage Prostitute


Japanese Sex Club Busted For Employing Underage Prostitute. Suspects allegedly dispatched underage prostitute to hotels for sexual encounters with male customers.  Tokyo Metropolitan Police earlier this month announced the arrest of three employees of a sex club in the Uguisudani…