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This is What John Lennon Had to Say About Mass Media and War

This is What John Lennon Had to Say About Mass Media and War.


John Lennon speaks how insane the world and mass media focusing all about war.

John’s powerful status helped him realize he could do great things. All Lennon wanted to do was spread the word of peace without violence, and that’s just what he did. He used his music to communicate to people. His message came across, and people listened.

His passionate perspective towards his love for music and peace made his music inspire other peace supporters. “He is only one of the many that have showed his want for peace through his musical talent. It is easy enough to say that all he wanted was to promote love to the rest of the world. Lennon fought to end the war during his time.

All he ever really wanted was for people to stop violence, stop war, and to just spread the love.” (Brown). John Lennon was a different kind of celebrity. Unlike most celebrities nowadays, he focused more on spreading the word of peace and love throughout his music. Instead of being greedy, Lennon used his fame and talent to influence others to harmonize peace for the world.


Lennon was an influential person who used his music to make people more aware of peace and love.
During the time of the Vietnam War, Lennon imagined people living in peace and sharing all the world. Lennon’s anti-war, anti-violence mind set contributed to his determination for peace. Although the world was going through a war, Lennon had a positive attitude and was determined put the hate, violence, and crime to an end without disturbance.