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Obama Talks Smack On Hedge Funds Before Super Bowl


In an interview before the Super Bowl, President Obama took a jab at hedge funds and private equity firms across the country, saying that he would finally take on “carried interest” tax, Reuters reports. There were whispers about the Obama administration…

Hedge Fund Sugar-Daddys Abandoning Obama


“Within the hedge fund industry, Obama has made people an enormous amount of money, and they seem to have forgotten that,” said a hedge-fund manager who supports Obama. Hedge fund industry, whose love affair with Obama soured as he threatened…

Politicians Smoking Pot


Hedge Funder Soros Gave $1M To Legalize Weed President Obama Joins Governor – Pictures Of Smoking Weed Online Above Governor Scwartzenegger  Smoking Weed and Below Persident Obama Smoking Weed. President’s girlfriends revealed that President was smoking marijuana with his buddies…

Politicians Freakiest Sex Habits

sex-party-berluscon (18)

Prostitute Told Court That Ex Italian PM Got Asked Her To Dress Sexy While Wearing President Obama’s Mask Check Out The Sex Party Images That Rang Him about $25M