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Hedge Fund Tax Trick Challenged by IRS

Hedge fund titan James Simons, who became a billionaire when he turned his extraordinary mathematical ability from Cold War code breaking to investing, deployed an unusual strategy at his Renaissance Technologies hedge fund

Hedge Funds Who are the Biggest NY Political Donors

Hedge fund Managers gave $23.4 million dollars to state and local politicians from the start of 2005 throughout this year February. 1.James Simons  Renaissance Technologies  $4,198,377.69 This is a quantitative hedge fund has over $15 billion in assets under management…

Hedge Fund Managers Who Took Home 14.4 Billion in 2011

Hedge funds have had a tough year. Tumultuous markets. Tighter regulations. An insider trading crackdown. But despite the lackluster environment, the top managers still took home $14.4 billion in 2011. Even when returns suffer, the largest hedge funds can collect…