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Top 30 Hottest Startup CEOs


Top 30 Hottest Startup CEO 30. David Arabov Arabov created the news website Elite Daily because he and the site’s other two cofounders wanted to make a news site that was The Huffington Post for millennials. “Gen Y is where…

Top 10 Best Bikini Gif-s in the World


The bikini season is just starting – to celebrate this we chose top 10 best bikini gifs-  some of the summers hottest boobs and butts in bikinis. So take a little break from  finance and check out them hotties.

Hottest Things Women Can Do With Boobs – Creative Tits


Hottest Things Women Can Do With Boobs – Getting Creative With Sexiest boobs

There are quite a few things women can use their boobs for. Hottest things women can do with their boobs, These sexy women are getting really creative with tits. What they can use boobs for- from car-wash to … check out. Hottest things women can do with their boobs.

Warning- boobs this sexy can be serious distraction

Hottest Women in Sexy Workout Routine

yoga-workout-sexy (4)

This is the hottest workout edition and since hedge fund titans like Dan Loeb (btw the top earning hedge fund titan) and Paul Tudor Jones,  love women that work out yoga style. Both hedge funders have married a yogi or…

Hottest Supermodel Adriana Lima


  Did you know? Her estimated net worth is $45 Million This super sexy kitten  was a virgin until she was 27 when she got married. ‘ They have to respect that this is my choice. If there’s no respect,…

Hottest Women In Hedge Funds Maneet Ajuha


Hot hedge fund author who parties with the top hedge fund titans Her book “The Alpha Masters,” which highlights the stories, insights and lessons of industry titans such Ray Dalio, David Tepper, John Paulson, David Einhorn, Bill Ackman, Jim Chanos…