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Bill Ackman The Big Short War Via Vanity Fair


Hedge fund hot shot Bill Ackman talks about Herbalife and other hedge fund titans. Hedge fund titan Bill Ackman has vowed to bring down Herbalife, the 33-year-old nutritional-supplement company, which he views as a pyramid scheme. With his massive shorting…

Hedgie Herbalife Battle Turns into Web Domain Fight – Icahn, Loeb and Ackman


Hedgie Herbalife Battle Turns into Web Domain Fight – Icahn, Loeb and Ackman. Hedge Fund hot shots take a fighting to the next level – therealcarlicahn.com and therealdanielloeb.com pop up online.
hedge-fund-comFirst, hedge fund hot shots Bill Ackman, Carl Icahn and Daniel Loeb tussled publicly over whether Herbalife Ltd. (HLF) is a pyramid scheme. Now their names are popping up online in ominous-sounding domain names, including “therealcarlicahn.com” and “therealdanielloeb.com.”

Mitt Romney Secret Hedge Fund Documents Revealed

mitt romney

Mitt Romney secretive hedge fund documents revealed via Gawker Documents of 20 secretive hedge funds and other investment vehicles in which Mitt Romney has stashed his considerable wealth. All told, the partnerships and limited liability corporations detailed below accounted for,…

Hedge Funds Flying High


Big chips! (Woo!) We off in Vegas drinking and partying We got chicks in swimsuits modeling We in the twin stretch Maybachs dipping low The way the wrist shine it’s so magical So far 5 months in it’s been sunny…

Hedge Fund Launches

Updated list of hedge funds launching. Two GLG Partners  emerging-markets managers based in Hong Kong will launch their own hedge fund. Hedge fund will be Asia-focused macro fund. Kelvin Woo and Joe Zhang will leave the Man Group unit to…

Hedge Fund Launches

Lawrence Park Capital Partners aims to manage C$200m ($203m) in assets by the end of next year after reaching C$36m with the launch last month of its flagship credit-focused hedge fund, chief executive David Fry said on Wednesday, writes Reuters.…

Tips to Hide Your Secret Hedge Fund Affair

  “Relax my darling. Dangerous liaisons are as common in your industry as an underwater stock option. Look around your office – my bet is that there are at least four individuals within your eyesight who are currently doing some…