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State Department Spent $630K on Facebook Likes

State Department Spent $630K to boost Facebook Likes The State Department spent more than $630,000 to boost the number of Facebook “likes” for the agency’s pages on the website, according to NyPost. The report found that many employees in the…

Facebook Buys Parse in Cash and Stock Deal Valued $85 Million

Facebook has acquired Parse in Cash and Stock Deal Valued $85 Million.

Parse, which was founded in 2011 and has raised $7 million from investors like Ignition Partners, helps companies build mobile applications across different operating systems.
Parse is basically an app that makes it much easier to build other apps by giving users a library of some of the most widely-used functions in an app.

Meet Facebook’s New Billionaires

Facebook’s $104 billion initial public offering on Friday transformed thousands of young people into instant millionaires – as well as a few billionaires By his mid-20s, he was already the subject of multiple books and a movie that did opening…

Hedge Funds and Facebook IPO

No doubt hedge funds will play bigger role in Facebook’s stock after public IPO but these hedge funds made money on regulatory arbitrage of privately held stock Hedge Fund Manager Christopher Hansen Christopher R. Hansen is a little-known hedge fund…