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Hedge Funds Sex and Cocaine – Coke and Hookers Tell All


Hedge funds love coke and hookers – but most of buy side guys are shy- they would never about it and since hedge funds are known to be very secretive but every once in a while you’ll find a hedge funder or a hooker who is all about Kiss and Tell. And we did…. again

LinkedIn Wants Prostitutes to Stop Using The Site


LinkedIn wants prostitutes and other adult industry workers like escorts and to stop using the site. “Prostitutes” “Female escorts” and “Call Girls” Were Among Categories of Employees on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn thou shalt not:
1 Create profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution.

Spain Lifting A Ban For Escorts To Advertise

Lifting A Ban For Prostitutes to advertise.  Looks Like prostitutes and hedge funds can both celebrate allowing to advertise their services Spanish Prostitutes Can Advertise Their Services Again A ban on advertising sexual services in newspapers and media websites has…

Hedge Fund Divorces

Pricey hedge fund divorces   A hedge fund boss faces one of the biggest divorce payouts in Britain after he announced to friends and family that he was gay. Tycoon Pierre Lagrange, pictured right with Roubi L’Roubi, has sold his…

Fugitive Hedge Fund Manager- From Prostitues to Prison

Hedge fund manger Brian Kim was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to grand larceny in connection with $6 million Ponzi scheme. Crooked hedge funder used withdrawals from the fund to finance shopping excursions at Barney’s and Coach stores, prostitutes…

Bombshell Hedge Fund Scandals

As attorney general for New York City, Spitzer had uncovered some of corporate America’s dirtiest secrets, but the tables turned and the hunter become the hunted. Room was booked under the name George Fox.  Spitzer had been using the name…

Madam Was Set Up By Her Longtime Cook Book-Keeper

Anna Gristina’s accountant, accused money-launderer Jonas Gayer helped set her up for arrest outside the office of a Morgan Stanley investment banker. The money was earmarked for a legitimate high-end “sugar-daddy” matchmaking service Gristina was starting, sources said. Anna Gristina…

John Edwards Used Millionaire Madam Escorts

A call girl told investigators she was paid to have sex with former U.S. Sen. John Edwards He is the just one first big name to surface in connection to Gristina’s a prostitution scheme run out of an Upper East…

Cocaine Escorts and The Hedge Fund


This office was called The North Pole for the amount of cocaine they had there?  Can you guess And Hookers and strippers. The building was the Lipstick building were referred to by insiders as the “North Pole.” After infamous Bernie…