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Dell Deal Saga- Voting Rule Change

Voting Rule Change Is Viewed as Crucial to Dell Founder’s Takeover Bid. Last week, Michael  Dell and his partner, the investment firm Silver Lake, sought to change the rules for a shareholder vote on their bid for the company. In…

Hedge Funder Icahn Slams Ackman and Rips Into Dell Board

“I believe this will go to a proxy fight and I believe I can win,” he said. “Dell has done a really poor job (but) the board has done an awful job. You know I don’t blame Dell as much as I do the board.”

“They’re giving the damn thing away,” he added. “If you are an institution, why would you want this guy still running the company?”

Blackstone Drops $24.4 Billion Dell Buyout Bid

Blackstone Group LP Drops $24.4 Billion Buyout Bid, which leaves Dell with 2 potential bidders. CEO Michael Dell and billionaire hedge fund titan Carl Icahn. Dell has offered $24.4 billion, or $13.65 per share, and would take the company private. Hedge fund hot shot Carl Icahn has made a preliminary proposal to buy a majority of Dell stock while keeping it publicly traded. Icahn plans to pay up to $15 per share for 58 percent of Dell’s stock.