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City Banker Fired Over Sex-Bias Case Against Another Bank

When it comes to City bank – they have previous experience from sexy banker chicks suing them for sex related lawsuits- like Debrahlee Lorenzana, who sued Citibank for being too sexy.

banks-funnyNow City banker Latifa Bouabdillah sacked over sex-bias case against former bank.
Latifa Bouabdillah claims Commerzbank dismissed her when it found out she was suing Deutsche Bank for discrimination

Hot Fired Citi Banker Warnes NJ Woman About Her Lawyer

Banker warns NJ Woman who fired for to big boobs that her lawyer is using her for media exposure Gloria Allred’s former clients, too-hot-for-work banker Debrahlee Lorenzana, said of the high-profile celebrity litigator left as soon as the cameras. Lorenzana,…