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Berlusconi’s Call Girl Turned Councillor Strips Off


Former Berlusconi’s call girl Nicole Minetti strips off for Milan Fashion Week. We all remember Italy’s  ex prime minister’s bunga-bunga sex parties and expensive escorts and models hired for sex and kinky role plays.  This 26-year old sure has turned…

Politicial Sex Scandal – New Bombshell Witness

Politicial Sex Scandal – New Bombshell Witness A guest of  Berlusconi ‘s  sex party has claimed the ex-Italian PM certainly  had sex with underage girl Michelle Conceicao made the bombshell allegation during a magazine interview. Asked if she saw the…

Politicians Freakiest Sex Habits

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Prostitute Told Court That Ex Italian PM Got Asked Her To Dress Sexy While Wearing President Obama’s Mask Check Out The Sex Party Images That Rang Him about $25M