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Berlusconi’s Call Girl Turned Councillor Strips Off

Former Berlusconi’s call girl Nicole Minetti strips off for Milan Fashion Week. We all remember Italy’s  ex prime minister’s bunga-bunga sex parties and expensive escorts and models hired for sex and kinky role plays.  This 26-year old sure has turned…

Politicial Sex Scandal – New Bombshell Witness

Politicial Sex Scandal – New Bombshell Witness A guest of  Berlusconi ‘s  sex party has claimed the ex-Italian PM certainly  had sex with underage girl Michelle Conceicao made the bombshell allegation during a magazine interview. Asked if she saw the…

Politicians Freakiest Sex Habits

Prostitute Told Court That Ex Italian PM Got Asked Her To Dress Sexy While Wearing President Obama’s Mask Check Out The Sex Party Images That Rang Him about $25M