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City Banker Fired Over Sex-Bias Case Against Another Bank


When it comes to City bank – they have previous experience from sexy banker chicks suing them for sex related lawsuits- like Debrahlee Lorenzana, who sued Citibank for being too sexy.

banks-funnyNow City banker Latifa Bouabdillah sacked over sex-bias case against former bank.
Latifa Bouabdillah claims Commerzbank dismissed her when it found out she was suing Deutsche Bank for discrimination

Bankers To Bangers – Porn Star Banker

Porn for bankers Banking and banging In a  unconventional but fun way, international retail specialist Hans Eysink Smeets describes how porn and other sectors had to drastically reinvent their retail models, managed to survive, and created a whole new set…

Hot Fired Citi Banker Warnes NJ Woman About Her Lawyer

Fired Citi's oo-hot-for-work banker Debrahlee Lorenzana

Banker warns NJ Woman who fired for to big boobs that her lawyer is using her for media exposure Gloria Allred’s former clients, too-hot-for-work banker Debrahlee Lorenzana, said of the high-profile celebrity litigator left as soon as the cameras. Lorenzana,…

City Banker Convicted Serial Rapist

“It’s your lucky day”, Citi Financier’s words to his sex attack victim. Brian Witty, 41, a former captain in the Parachute Regiment, is convicted in three rapes and a sexual assault over a 16-year period. Despite being arrested after each…

Banker Died After Dominatrix Session

A laid off Deutsche banker died after a kinky fantasy role play with two hookers. Last year, Colin Birch, a recently laid off assistant vice president at Deutsche, hired a bunch or hookers to fulfill a kinky torture fantasy. The…