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Bill Ackman The Big Short War Via Vanity Fair


Hedge fund hot shot Bill Ackman talks about Herbalife and other hedge fund titans. Hedge fund titan Bill Ackman has vowed to bring down Herbalife, the 33-year-old nutritional-supplement company, which he views as a pyramid scheme. With his massive shorting…

Hedgie Herbalife Battle Turns into Web Domain Fight – Icahn, Loeb and Ackman


Hedgie Herbalife Battle Turns into Web Domain Fight – Icahn, Loeb and Ackman. Hedge Fund hot shots take a fighting to the next level – therealcarlicahn.com and therealdanielloeb.com pop up online.
hedge-fund-comFirst, hedge fund hot shots Bill Ackman, Carl Icahn and Daniel Loeb tussled publicly over whether Herbalife Ltd. (HLF) is a pyramid scheme. Now their names are popping up online in ominous-sounding domain names, including “therealcarlicahn.com” and “therealdanielloeb.com.”

Dan Loeb Counters Ackman – Hedge Fund Battle


Hedge fund titans Dan Loeb and Bill Ackman have taken opposite positions on Herbalife. Two hedge fund managers both known for their smack talk and stirring up scandals are going against each-other. Dan Loeb and Bill Ackman have taken opposite…

Bill Ackman Launches Facts About Herbalife


Hedge fund hot shot Bill Ackman Pershing Square launched a site  factsaboutherballife.com to tell facts about  Herbalife and expose Herbalife pyramid scheme.     next View Bill Ackman www.factsaboutherbalife.com  

Top Hedge Fund Manager Losses in May

Hedge funds suffered big losses in May Ackman’s Pershing Square down 7% in May Third Point funds lose ground last month Paulson gold fund tumbles 12%, although other funds gain Bill Ackman and Daniel Loeb – two of the $2…

Hedge Funds Are Motivated By Sex


This Hedge Fund Manager Explains How Sex Helps Him Invest Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman: “Were ultimately animals motivated by sex!” FINALLY SOMEONE SPEAKS OUR LANGUAGE!  This sexy hedge fund boss revealed to CNBC Sqwawk Box that sex is what…

Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman


William Albert Ackman, more commonly known as Bill Ackman, has an extensive professional profile working for many firms before starting his own. The founder and CEO of Hedge Fund Pershing Square Capital. Bill Ackman was born on 11th May 1966…

Hedge Funders On the New SEC Advisory Board

Hedge Funds and their investors are well-represented on the SEC new Advisory board. Private equity has a say on the new committee, as well, in the form of Madison Dearborn Partners Mark Tresnowski, Stephen Holmes, CEO of venture capital firm…