First Date Jitters – Dating So Easy A Muppet Can Do It.

//First Date Jitters – Dating So Easy A Muppet Can Do It.

First Date Jitters – Dating So Easy A Muppet Can Do It.

Complete systematic approach to dating.  

From planning and communicating straight thru to the post date follow up.   Learning this step by step will set the groundwork for our more advanced dating threads.

 1. Plan the date well, or ask a couple questions to ascertain that the other person has done so.

Communicate about where and when you will meet, how you will go, what you will do, when you will

come back, and about major expectations.


2. But along with planning, also be flexible. Have a backup plan in case the first one turns out not

mutually enjoyable. Be flexible in your expectations of the other person and the relationship. Just help

the other person have a good time.


3. Dress appropriately. Be clean, and make sure you don’t smell; it’ll ruin the date from the start! (Don’t

put on too much perfume, either.) Wear clothes that fit the date, and dress up a little for dinner. Jeans

are for outings with your friends, not  for dates. It’s not just about the environment, it’s also about

showing the person you are on a date with that you’ve dressed for them


4. Be yourself, but please be polite. And do be considerate too. Say please and thank you. It’s not that

hard, it’s all a part of being gracious. Feel relaxed; if you get too tensed up, the whole atmosphere will

be spoiled.


5. Pay attention to your date; ask questions, and listen to the answers, don’t dominate the conversation.

Being pleasant on your date will make the date go more smoothly.


6. Don’t talk and chat on the phone and act like your date is not there. It’s pretty simple. If you are on a

date with someone, turn off your cell phone. Unless you are a surgeon on call, it won’t affect your life,

right? Moreover, it’s rude to do so. Concentrate on your date, not someone else on the other side of

the line. Nobody likes to be left alone, waiting for their date to finish with someone else!


7. Make eye contact. Eye contact simply makes you appear engaging, secure, and surely more

attractive. Don’t stare her down, though – you don’t want to make her think you’re visualizing how to fit

all her internal organs into your fridge.


8. One person should take the other home or to a pre-arranged finishing place. No matter how the date

goes (well, unless you stop trusting your partner), always make it a point to take your date home,

especially when it’s a woman late at night. Remember, her safety is your concern. It’ll make her think

you really care; it is an unwritten rule in dates.


9. Express appreciation to each other for the time you spent together. But do not arrange the next date

just yet, and definitely not before the date even begins. It is very awkward to have 2 dates planned at

the same time. Your partner (and you) needs time to assess your feelings about the date and prepare

to accept another one. Within a short time after (1-7 days) call your partner and express your feelings

about where to go next

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